NovaCity Group has been present for more than a decade in Bulgaria. NovaCity presents an additional milestone in the successful partnership between its co-founders, Mr. Eddie Arditi and Mr. Sabi Bar Noy. The two have partnered for almost 40 years and are with global experience in real estate as investors, business owners and developers. Their sons, Mr. Kobi Arditi and Mr. Oren Bar Noy, naturally inherited their fathers’ strive for excellence and love for the business . Together, both families stand proud as the owners of the group. Throughout the years, the families have maintained their commitment to excellence, innovation, cutting-edge technologies, professional expertise, ongoing improvement and above all, client satisfaction. The latter is defined in NovaCity’s high level of service and a product based on excellence, quality, durability, look & feel and uncompromising standards. With their accumulated global experience, array of activities and the group’s dedicated team, NovaCity Group represents a trustworthy brand that has been made to last through generations and time.

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NovaCity’s team of professionals are constantly focused on the development of small to large scale residential projects, predominantly in Sofia within its different quarters. Working with 1st tier architects, construction companies and external experts and subcontractors allows NovaCity to approach plots and projects in a wide range of development status and stages. The group does not shy from agricultural plots, complex PUP (detailed spatial planning) procedures, compensation deals and projects with construction permits that may require major modification.

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    NovaCity’s projects are always implemented without sparing resources, allowing its home buyers to enjoy a look and feel of quality, luxury and desirable lifestyle. Our unconditional commitment to our clients is embedded in the group’s slogan “Nothing but Excellence” and is part of NovaCity’s DNA. The strive for excellence, never compromising on finding ways to better the product and the pleasure of giving the client that “extra more” serve as the driving force behind each member of our dedicated team. NovaCity’s track record of successfully completed and facilitated projects, echoed by the feeling that “you are in safe hands” are what maintains the Group’s solid client base.

    Responsible for the society in which it operates NovaCity Group is focused on developing projects that create a stable and aesthetic environment through long-term planning and using high-quality materials which correspond to the concept of the environment. Through its annual social responsibility NovaCity Group demonstrates the company’s commitment to the city in which it operates and to its customers.

Oren Bar Noy

Oren Bar Noy has a Master of Business Administration (MBA)...

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Koby Arditi

Kobi Arditi has both a Master of Science in Electrical...

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Dilyana Mindova-Hristova
General Manager

Dilyana Hristova has the following education degrees: Bachelor of Geotechnics...

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Dobromir Dobrev
Architect – Manager

Architect Dobromir Dobrev has been working in the field of...

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Hristo Georgiev
Engineer – Construction Manager

Hristo Georgiev graduated from the University of Civil Engineering and...

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Elka Daskalova
Financial Manager

Elka Daskalova has over 25 years of experience in the...

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Rayka Mirkova
Financial Manager

Rayka Mirkova has more than 15 years of financial and...

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Diana Radenkova
Project Coordinator

Diana Radenkova is with a Bachelor of Industrial Management and...

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Borislava Borisova
Financial Manager

Диана Раденкова е завършила бакалавърска степен „Индустриален мениджмънт“ и е...

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Our affiliates comprise a team of leading companies from all around the globe – from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the United States and Canada. Our global family has international experience in investment construction, urban renewal and planning of existing buildings and quarters, effective technological design solutions predominantly in real estate but also in infrastructure and as MEP contractors.


NEOCITY GROUP operates in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania. Predominantly, Neocity develops residential projects, but has also endeavored in public, office and commercial projects; notable examples of the latter are the construction of its former mall in Constanta, Romania and the regional hospital in Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. Neocity’s projects comply with the most modern and up-to-date standards in terms of development, construction and design. The Group constantly provides more products to the market, investing its efforts and devotion in supplying its customers with the best of quality and service.

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Nairda is a leading electromechanical contractor in Nigeria providing high-quality MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) solutions to a wide range of sectors, including Federal & State Governments, Banking industry, Hospitals, Hotels and Leisure industry, real estate and the Oil & Gas Sector (including international brands, such as Sheraton and Ramada).

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ARTLIFE DEVELOPMENTS specializes in real estate in Canada and the USA. Its focus is on properties located in strategic locations in Toronto and NYC. The company’s focus ranges from the development of detached houses to medium and large-scale residential projects.

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An Israeli-based development company focused on the Israeli residential market. The company’s activities are diverse, from standard plot & project development, to demolishment & reconstruction of existing buildings with higher built up area to urban renewal of whole neighborhoods. The latter is a rewarding project with more units per location, additional green areas, extra commercial and public facilities. RMA has often been awarded as one of the leading companies in its field of expertise.

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