Can we take a walk—a factor for the quality of life in the city


Walkability is an index, which tests the degree of comfort and safety when walking and to an utmost degree determines the overall quality of life in a certain city.

It is a simple principle—both the time we need to get to the places we visit every day and the comfort of getting there directly impact our quality of life.

This index also determines the value of the real estate in a certain area. We, in NovaCity, design our buildings and the area around them taking into account the most modern architectural and landscaping solutions, as we also consider the shifting environment. One of our biggest advantages is the added value we input into our projects.

When the access to our workplaces, the kindergartens and schools of our children, and the administration buildings is quick, convenient and safe, this directly influences the quality of life in the city and the particular neighborhood.

Besides the direct effects on health, the urban environment with accessible walking areas also affects the economy. The easier you get to the places you spend your money, the more developed the local economy is. The latter is of course with a positive effect on the environment.